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Direct Affect Bully Kennel was designed in an attempt to help revise NC H.B. 956, by debunking the public misconceptions of the American Bully Breed and to build community relations.

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Direct: (verb) 

To aim at a particular someone or something with means to bestow guidance

Affect: (verb)

An emotional influence on behavior or actions

We are not your ordinary "dog breeders." Yes, we have produced some of the most well-rounded puppies that posses the look, are structurally sound,  extremely healthy and intelligent, with a temperament to die for within the state of NC. However, that is just a small facet of who we are. Like the Bully Breed, the stigma of our youth, has a negative undertone. We are here to change ALL OF THAT!!


Dwanson Clark


Bark! Bark!

Durham NC United States 27704

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